5 Years After Launch: Why Kin?

Written by: Matt Hannam

Executive Director at the Kin Foundation

September 12, 2022

Moving The Future of Kin Forward

Rockets are often used in the crypto-world to symbolize momentum.  As the exhaust gasses go in one direction, the rocket goes in the other. This momentum change of the gasses gives the rocket the “push” to go forward.  Without momentum, the rocket wouldn’t move off the launchpad.  However these rules rarely apply in the world of new ideas. 

Many people in crypto fall into this trap – they believe the big launch event and push upfront, a media blitz in their favor (at any cost) is the way to ensure that a couple of weeks of noise will set a project on a course of solid growth and adoption. 

But the reality is the launch is just the launch – it is never as important as consistently showing up and committing to the goal.    

What happens following the launch, isn’t caused by momentum.  It’s about the contributions of a capable group of people, the technology, the tools and importantly the mission that brought them together.  Together – all of these things combined –  encourage others to look on, to spread ideas through word of mouth and inspire those to be a part of that mission or be part of something bigger. 

Across the globe, crypto has arrived, but no crypto has achieved consumer adoption at significant scale yet.  Many people want in – developers, entrepreneurs and as citizens and consumers.   For citizens of the so-called “First World” who suffer from the intrusions of monopolistic corporations and developers who struggle to monetize without resorting to the same ol’ tricks, Kin offers a secure alternative to the conventional Web2 business model. 

This week is the fifth anniversary of the launch of Kin.  In the coming weeks, a new brand identity for Kin will be rolled out including a new website and logo, and even more importantly new technology will be made available and new apps will be announced.  Of course, as Kin is pushed along, the community will work together once again to unlock the next goal for Kin and so on.

The countless developers and community members who continue to show up for Kin, are pushing Kin forward to create a compelling future built around: 

  • Industry leading developer tools  – the innovative tools and infrastructure created by Kin’s developer community to build engaging cryptocurrency apps.
  • An innovative business model – which rewards consumers for their time and facilities rewarding app developers for their creative innovations.
  • A true open economy,  ease of use, supportive community and turn key initiation.

Kin offers all the bells and whistles which blockchain technology can provide, along with the means for developers and other visionaries to innovate their brand experience.   

It’s clear that in this dynamic and ever changing global environment – the mission of Kin continues to grow in relevance, and each unlock we achieve towards its goal makes Kin get more exciting all the time.

It’s time to look forward to the future of Kin – it’s a future we are all creating together.

About Kin

Kin is a decentralized cryptocurrency purposely designed to integrate easily across mobile and web apps, with a built-in incentive model that rewards developers for increased usage. Apps built with Kin get paid for creating compelling cryptocurrency-based user experiences, where greater engagement results in shared economic benefits for users and developers. Today, the Kin Ecosystem boasts 65 million wallets, and has distributed over $70M in rewards across 80+ apps since its inception in 2017. Kin is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain, enabling consumer-scale apps to transact swiftly, with minimal-to-no fees. Learn more at Kin.org.

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