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About Kin

Kin is money for the digital world. It is used to generate value through a shared, decentralized cryptocurrency in a digital ecosystem of apps and their users.

Why Kin?

The Kin blockchain is built to scale for mass usage and supports an Ecosystem-wide digital economy where app developers and mainstream consumers make millions of micro-transactions.

App developers anywhere can seamlessly integrate the Kin SDK into their platform and become active partners in the Ecosystem’s growth. When developers join the Kin Ecosystem, they benefit from the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE). The KRE incentivizes app developers to create engaging user experiences and pays them when users spend Kin within their apps.

Kin gives app developers, content creators, and users a new way to earn real value from their contributions to the shared digital space. With Kin, people earn and spend by being active in the Ecosystem. Everyone in the Ecosystem contributes to building a fairer digital world where people work together to succeed together.

For more background, please read Kin’s original white paper, published in May 2017, Kin: a decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life.

Who’s Who in the Ecosystem

The Kin Ecosystem isn’t just a new, digital economy. It’s a digital community. App developers and their users tie the Kin Ecosystem together by earning and spending the Kin cryptocurrency in exchange for digital experiences, products, and services.

App Developers
App developers are the ones building the apps and digital experiences in the Ecosystem.

Creators are the users who publish creative content everyone across the Ecosystem can enjoy.

Everyday people using apps to connect and work with each other across the Kin Ecosystem.

The Kin philosophy.

Working together to succeed together. Kin is a community where real people collaborate, recognize great experiences and content, and reward each other with real value.

The Kin Foundation.

Kin was established in 2017 and is supervised by the Kin Foundation. The Kin Foundation is a Canadian nonprofit corporation established for the governance of the cryptocurrency Kin and is tasked with growing an open ecosystem of digital services. Visit the Kin Foundation page to learn more.