Announcing a New Executive Director for the Kin Foundation

Written by: Kin Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to growing the reach and impact of the Kin Ecosystem.

January 11, 2021

Alim Khamisa introduces himself upon joining the Kin Foundation

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined the Kin Foundation as Executive Director. The Kin Foundation is dedicated to supporting the Kin Ecosystem, which comprises a thriving community of apps, developers, content creators, and millions of active users that earn, spend, and ultimately benefit from the use of Kin.

For background, a bit about myself. Over the last several years, my long-held passion for blockchain technology has led me to become deeply involved in the crypto universe across many aspects. My journey began in large scale crypto mining, after which I joined several blockchain startups in leadership, strategy, operational, or advisory roles. In addition to teaching in the Blockchain Development Program at George Brown College, I also play a lead role in organizing the DeFi Toronto community with my fellow meetup co-founders and actively contribute to research with a chapter on Token Economies being published in a compendium later this year.

A number of factors drove my decision to join the Kin Foundation. Notably, I was impressed by its highly engaged community, the significant level of economic activity across its ecosystem, and the opportunity to pursue my deep interest in Web 3.0 and Token Economies. I see Kin as an essential innovator bridging Web 2.0 business models into the Web 3.0 era. The world is starting to wake up to Web 3.0. Open organizations that align with the ethos of Web 3.0 operate with a more equitable model for value accretion among platforms and their users. They are anchored by the principles of data sovereignty, user-controlled privacy, and decentralization. The Kin Ecosystem has come a long way and combined with the significant opportunities that lie ahead as we experience a new paradigm shift in how value is created and exchanged on the decentralized web, I believe my experience, knowledge, and passion positions me well to guide Kin’s next phase of growth.

Kin gives app developers, users, and content creators a new way to build value that attracts even more users to a growing ecosystem. The network effects are real and enable users to benefit economically by sharing directly in the value they create. This value goes well beyond the “attention economy” and can be derived from the many Kin apps that have garnered significant traction over the past couple of years.

The Kin Rewards Engine (KRE) is a powerful tool that algorithmically compensates contributions to the Kin Economy. This has set the foundation for a fair economy which has already fuelled an ecosystem of dozens of apps representing millions of consumers. I’m looking forward to collaborating with the community on the KRE to further incentivize behaviors that promote growth and long term sustainability of the Kin Economy. Hat tip to Ted Livingston and his team as the original builders behind this vision.

At the Kin Foundation, we will work together with the Kin community at large to support the ongoing development and growth of what is today, a vibrant ecosystem that has so much untapped potential. I’ve been working closely with William Mougayar (Executive Chairman), Kevin Ricoy (Community & Marketing Manager), and other Kin stakeholders on our 2021 strategic planning. I look forward to sharing further updates in the weeks and months ahead.

Some areas of focus will include:

  • Deepening our relationship with the developer community
  • Increasing our marketing and branding efforts and showcasing our Kin apps
  • Attracting new product development teams to create new consumer experiences and drive more demand for Kin
  • Providing more meaningful ways for ecosystem participants to engage with the Kin Foundation
  • Making more resources available to developers (e.g., grants)
  • Increasing Kin’s accessibility to mainstream consumers (e.g., via new wallet and app partners)
  • Evolving our governance over time towards an even more decentralized and community-driven model

In addition to the list above, there will be other exciting new programs and ideas to be revealed over time. My work with the Kin Foundation will entail aspects that are both internal (less visible) and external (more visible). As much as the community may wish for round-the-clock access to me, it needs to realize that this balance must be respected. That said, I plan to be openly accessible, and you will see me occasionally on social and other online channels as appropriate where we can engage, share ideas, and collaborate.

I’m excited about this new phase in Kin’s journey and I’m grateful for the opportunity to play a role in supporting and growing our ecosystem. Kin’s success can’t be attributed to just the Kin Foundation or any one person; it is and will always be the result of our collective efforts as a global community. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m confident that together we will continue to scale the reach and impact of the Kin Ecosystem.

Let’s get to work!