Announcing Community Led SDK Tutorials

Written by: Will Gikandi

Developer at the Kin Foundation

April 19, 2021

New Kin Developer Tutorials & Resources

We are pleased to announce the launch of a community-led developer tutorial site:

Kintegrate was launched by developers in our community and supported by the Kin Foundation. The goal is to help new developers understand and integrate Kin more easily into their apps.

Currently, the tutorials cover integrating into Android (Kotlin) for the front-end and NodeJs for the back-end. They also have drop-in code that developers can use to immediately start testing their apps with Kin, by looking at the sample implementations. Head over to that website to check them out! 

We would like to see more community-led efforts like this flourish, and encourage any developers who would like to contribute to the effort or suggest any changes/ improvements to submit a pull request at:

We would also like to see additional tutorials covered, and want to encourage developers to create more. To this end, we would like to announce a $1500 bounty in Kin for each additional tutorial, starting with iOS.

We would like the tutorials to maintain the current format for uniformity to allow developers to transition easily between languages.
If you are a developer and would like to submit a tutorial for iOS, please send an email to offering some details about your planned project before embarking on it. We would like to maintain a standard level of high quality for these tutorials.