Distributed Ledger Technology

Kin Blockchain

Kin can be sent anywhere in the world. Instantly. For free.

Kin Blockchain

The Kin blockchain is consumer-grade and built to scale for mass usage. Tailored for mainstream consumers, the Kin blockchain handles millions of requests per day and currently processes over 99% of transactions in under 10 seconds. In order to ensure a consumer-grade product that caters to security, privacy, and data reliability, the Kin blockchain rests on a decentralized network architecture.

The blockchain team works hand-in-hand with teams developing Ecosystem tools to provide optimal usability and scalability across all apps in the Kin Ecosystem. Together, these teams collaborate with customers to develop tools that support a frictionless user experience where apps and their millions of users conduct countless microtransactions per day.

Kin is dedicated to maintaining a transparent blockchain environment. Therefore, anyone can run their own node, with access to all blockchain history, and a deeper analysis of that data is publicly available on various internal and third-party platforms.

Learn More About the Kin Blockchain:

Block Explorer

The block explorer is Kin’s online blockchain browser. The browser displays the contents of individual blockchain ledgers, transactions, and accounts.

Blockchain Dashboard

The dashboard displays metrics and graphs on the live activity and status of the Kin blockchain.

Kin Migration

The Kin migration page is a hub of information about the Kin migration process from our old ERC20 tokens to our new coin.


MyKinWallet helps you easily interact with the Kin blockchain, handle your Kin coins, and move them between wallets.