Blocto Wallet Adds Support for the Kin Cryptocurrency

Written by: Kin Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to growing the reach and impact of the Kin Ecosystem.

May 27, 2021

Users Can Now Deposit/Transfer Kin via Blocto, the Cross-Chain Smart Contract Wallet

We are excited to announce that Kin is now supported by Blocto, offering users a new seamless way to store and use their Kin cryptocurrency while interacting with dApps (decentralized applications)!

About Blocto

Blocto is a cross-chain smart contract wallet that currently supports Solana, Ethereum, Flow, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron.

This wallet allows users to easily log in with their email, store cryptocurrencies, interact with dApps, and buy / sell NFTs in a user-friendly way. Users can also convert their Blocto account to non-custodial mode with direct access to their private keys once they are more familiar with blockchain usage.

Creation of Kin accounts is currently free for all Blocto users, and upon registration each user will receive 3,000 “Blocto Points”. A unique feature of Blocto allows users to pay their network fee across all supported blockchains using these Blocto points. 

Blocto supports fiat to crypto purchasing, through a convenient and safe portal for users. You can look forward to the integration of Kin as a purchasable cryptocurrency in the future. 

Blocto will also soon be integrating Solana dApps, allowing Kin users to interact with those applications straight from their Blocto wallet!

How to Use Blocto

  1. Download Blocto
  2. Sign Up for an Account
    Register using your preferred email, and you will receive a password that will allow you to log in for the first time.
  1. Create Kin Account (Free for a limited time)

Once you’re logged in, via the Wallet screen, tap the pencil button in the upper-right corner to manage your assets. 

From there, click the “+ Add” button to add a new token.

Find Kin in the list, and tap the “+” to create a Kin account.

  1. Start transacting!

    Once your account is finished being created*, you can tap your Kin balance to receive/send Kin, and check your transaction history.

    * – due to the smart contract nature of the app, account creation can sometimes take a short moment to complete.

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