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Learn about how Perfect365 monetizes their app by using the Kin cryptocurrency.

Written by: Kevin Ricoy

Head of Growth at the Kin Foundation

January 28, 2021

How the #1 AR Beauty Platform is Driving Adoption of the Kin Cryptocurrency to over 500,000 Users

Perfect365 is an augmented reality (“AR”) beauty app that allows users to perform a one-tap makeover. What started in 2014 as a simple tool designed to help people try out new looks, almost immediately evolved into much more when the app experienced a major spike in popularity. Today, Perfect365 is a fully-featured Beauty Discovery Zone, a marketing platform for recognized brands that allows users to explore new trends and elicit feedback from an engaged community of artists and enthusiasts.

With over 100 million registered users globally, Perfect365 has highly engaged beauty-centric users from all around the world, skewing mostly female. Drawing active usage from millions of users across Millennial and Gen-Z demographics, Perfect365 brings a large and diverse mainstream audience to the worlds of AR and cryptocurrency.

How Perfect365 is Using Kin

The team behind Perfect365 chose to monetize their app with Kin because of its potential to enhance the user experience, becoming one of the first flagship applications to integrate the cryptocurrency. With Kin, users are rewarded for their engagement via daily activities and creation of content. For example, makeup artists can receive Kin as a token of appreciation for creating new looks:

Users are able to show their appreciation for these critical users of the app, not just by “liking” their creations, but by tipping them with Kin coin. By monetizing with Kin, Perfect365 is able to create a platform where users are rewarded for their engagement. Those users are then able to spend their Kin on unique user experiences suited to this digital currency model, including being able to save photos of experimental looks.

The team behind the app analyzes user flows to understand what works best and refine their experiences based on those findings. They have yet to activate the majority of their user base with Kin, and already over 500,000 users on Android earn or spend Kin in Perfect365 every month. As a testament to their economic contributions, in less than two years the app has received over 35 billion Kin from the Kin Rewards Engine, amounting to over $1.5 million at time of writing. This represents meaningful revenue for the company, powered by a model that aligns its own success with the rewarding of its users.

“Kin has allowed us to create a token economy that has thrived on our platform, giving real exchange value to our users and creators.  We are excited that this economic activity will be a good foundation to scale our community and expand on services.”

Vincent Hsu — VP of Business Development, Perfect365 Inc.

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Looking Ahead

Integrating a new economic engine to drive user engagement and loyalty is not without its challenges, but the partnership between Perfect365 and Kin has only strengthened. The team has continued building new use cases and is excited to renew efforts as Kin continues to cement itself as a bonafide currency. In light of this, the Perfect365 team has shared that they aim to provide the best Kin-based user experience in the ecosystem early this year, an exciting tease of new product features that they have in store. 

In addition to these new developments, the team has also shared feedback on a number of opportunities they believe will make the user experience even better, including a desire for the ecosystem to become more interconnected in the future. We share the belief that this will ultimately support the increased utility and value of Kin for not only Perfect365 users, but all consumers and prosumers in the Kin ecosystem.  We are always listening to the developer community, and are eager to work with them as partners to provide the best user experience possible.

Kin is bringing together apps and services of all sizes to build a new digital economy that aligns developers, users, and communities. By working together, the Kin Ecosystem can build a more fair digital world, where those who create value share in the success of the network. If you are interested in monetizing your app with Kin, we invite you to join us.

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