Kin Rewards Engine

Introducing KRE 3.1

Today, the Kin Foundation has published a Kin Improvement Proposal for KRE 3.1 to update the logic of the rewards engine.

Considerations in Improvements to KRE 3.0

The main feature of the KRE 3 was the decision to reward for Active User Balances (AUB) while previous iterations rewarded for the number of transactions apps could generate.

Kin Improvement Proposal 3.0.2

We propose a minor update to the current KRE that protects the KRE from a vulnerability of parked accounts with large balances that appear to be outliers. This is a minimal change and will not require any changes from apps.

Kin Improvement Proposal: KRE 3.0.1

A KRE improvement proposal has been submitted for community discussion by the Kin Foundation.

This proposal would adjust the definition of active user in order to combat bot behavior.

Review and comment on the proposal here.