Code Opens Waitlist For Early Access

Written by: Kin Foundation

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September 8, 2022

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Code is a non-custodial wallet app built with Kin, designed to make using cryptocurrency simple for mainstream consumers–developed by the Code Inc. team that have been contributing to Kin since its inception, and helped drive the migration to Solana.

For the last year the Code team has been quietly building the Code wallet, and two weeks ago they opened up a waitlist to get early access to the app. As Tanner, Head of Corporate Development and Operations for Code Inc., said in a recent interview, “Our goal is to get as much of the Kin community onto Code as possible before we roll this out publicly.”

You can sign up at

Regional launches of Code will be prioritized based on the number of waitlist participants in that region. So far, 45 countries are represented, with the United States and United Kingdom leading the pack in number of sign-ups.

To join the Code waitlist and help prioritize launch in your region, visit today!

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