Kin Community

Join a global community of supporters that are working together to succeed together.

What is the Kin Community?

Kin Community refers all of the ecosystem participants working together to grow the reach and impact of the Kin cryptocurrency. That includes people building in the ecosystem, those using Kin within the ecosystem, and those who participate in discussion – including critical voices. The only way Kin grows is through the productive participation of all stakeholders. This has brought people around the world together through the common incentive to drive the value of Kin.

Kin would not be where it is today without the involvement of its community. Whether through the creation of new tools or websites, the improvement of algorithms or SDKs via GitHub, or the contribution of ideas via improvement proposals, the Kin Community is always on, and always building.

To get involved, check out the communities, resources, and tools provided below. Note that as a decentralized community, experiences may vary greatly depending on the environment and participants – promotion of community initiatives should not be interpreted as endorsement, and the Kin Foundation is not responsible for the actions of the community.

Social Communities

Community Websites

  • Kin Community Council – the Kin Community Council works to support the Kin Ecosystem and communities within it.
  • Cuppa Kin – a monthly online magazine from the Kin Community Council, delivering Kin Ecosystem news and exclusives. 
  • Crypto Kin News – community YouTuber providing news, interviews and podcasts in video format.
  • KINKRE Blog – a community blog highlighting and reviewing apps in the Kin Ecosystem.



  • Kin Ads – a non-profit entity that enables apps to integrate sponsored earn experiences where both developers and users are compensated for engagement.
  • Kinny Tip Bot (Android/iOS) – a mobile application that allows users to easily tip Kin to peers on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and more.


  • Kin Community Rewards – a Kin Community Council initiative, rewarding the community for valuable contributions towards the Kin Ecosystem.