FTX and Sollet Support Kin ERC20 (Ethereum) to Kin SPL (Solana) Swap

Written by: Kin Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to growing the reach and impact of the Kin Ecosystem.

May 19, 2021

Original Kin Holders on Ethereum Have an Easy Way to Move their Old Tokens to Kin SPL

The Kin Foundation has partnered with FTX to provide Kin users on Ethereum an opportunity to perform a one-way swap to Kin SPL on Solana from their ERC-20 wallets holding the older and original version of the Kin token.

ERC20 Kin (Ethereum) to SPL Kin (Solana)

Starting on May 19th, 2021, if you are still holding ERC20-based Kin and would like to migrate to the latest generation of Kin on the Solana blockchain, you will be able to do so simply by depositing your ERC-20 Kin onto one of the options below. Upon swap, The ERC20 Kin tokens will be burned and you will be given an equivalent number of SPL Kin tokens.

FTX (Exchange)

FTX* is a reputable exchange for those who would like to begin trading their Kin immediately, as well as those who do not wish to manage their own private keys. 

Users who are interested in this program can start by signing up for FTX and going to their wallet at https://ftx.com/wallet

From there, click on DEPOSIT KIN, and you will be presented with an option to deposit Kin ERC-20. Once you do, they will be automatically converted to the same number of Kin SPL tokens.

To check your deposit history, go to Deposits from your Main Account, and you will see the conversion details.

*geographical restrictions may apply

Sollet (Wallet)

Edit (May 10, 2022): Sollet has closed and as a result is no longer swapping ERC20 Kin for US users. If you did not swap your Kin, please wait for the next opportunity to do so. The Kin Foundation is exploring other options for swapping and will announce if a new option becomes available.

Sollet enables a self-custodial option for those who prefer to maintain full control over their wallet throughout the duration of the process, as well as those who live outside of regions served by FTX. 

Users who are interested in this program can start by creating a Sollet wallet for Kin SPL at https://www.sollet.io/.

On Sollet, click on Add Token (+ sign), select ERC20 Token and paste the Kin ERC-20 contract address which is:


Note that you will need a small fraction of SOL to create that wallet and cover transaction fees, in case you don’t already have it.

Then, click on Deposit KIN (KIN) and choose the ERC20 KIN Tab:

Thank you to FTX and the Sollet team for making this super quick and easy! 

Note that this is a time-limited program. We urge all ERC-20 holders to perform this swap as soon as possible.

Users may also wish to set up an SPL-compatible mobile app wallet or browser-based web wallet for their Kin. Available wallets include: Sollet, Coin98, Solong, Bonfida, Solflare, Trust Wallet, and Math Wallet. Note that you’ll need to send a minimum amount of SOL to initialize your token account with some of these wallets (this will allow you to send other SPL tokens including Kin to your wallet). Please refer to the Kin SPL Wallet Update guide for more details.

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