Joining the Kin Foundation as Chief Technology Officer

Written by: Will Gikandi

Developer at the Kin Foundation

March 8, 2021

Will Gikandi Joins the Kin Foundation as CTO

I first heard about Kin during Token Summit 2017, where Ted Livingston was being interviewed by William Mougayar, as he laid out his vision of bringing cryptocurrency to the masses through Kin.

What fascinated me most was the idea of looking at a cryptocurrency through the lens of consumer centric design: If a blockchain based currency could be created with a consumer first approach, what would it look like so it immediately made sense to the average user? How could it work securely and trustlessly, without the need for fees that hamper the user experience? How would it incentivize growth to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world? How would it capture that value?

Over the months that followed, I watched the pieces come together and assemble a new currency for a new digital economy, that went beyond speculation to capture user generated value, every day, in a growing multi billion dollar industry.

Since then, I have been an active supporter of Kin and been quite engaged in the community. Now that uncertainty over the SEC is behind us and migration completed to Solana, I am certain Kin is poised to make great strides this year. 

Migration to Solana was a pretty big achievement that opened up many new possibilities. Still, there is much to do to further decentralize Kin and grow its active user base. This means onboarding new developers and apps, encouraging an active open source community, and ensuring that incentive mechanisms are ideal for a growing ecosystem.

With that in mind, I am pleased to be joining the team as the Chief Technology Officer to help us move in that direction.

What I learned from my time as a Kin Representative was that everything the Foundation does is tightly integrated and team-work is implicit in everything we do. I have enjoyed working on projects with Kevin, Tanner, Chase, Bryan and many others, including those in the community. Ted’s and William’s leadership underpins it all, now joined by Matt and Alim as well.

We have much to look forward to and lots to do with everything the Foundation has planned for the year ahead.

One of my priorities over the next several weeks will be to hire 2 developers versed in mobile and backend technologies. More on this later, but if you’re interested and qualified, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I look forward to working with the team and forging new relationships with the community and developers, as we work together to make Kin the most used cryptocurrency in the world.