Kin Advocates Voices: Philippe Massart

Written by: Jesse Cecchetto

Marketing Communications Lead at the Kin Foundation.

December 14, 2021

Kin Advocates Voices is a collection of stories told by Kin OG’s and influential advocates.  We highlight their discovery of Kin, their achievements, why they became supporters, and their journey into the Kin community.

Tell us about your background leading-up to what you currently do in your job or responsibilities?

I have been working as an IT consultant since 2010 and I started my own business some months ago. The main tasks of my job is to be the contact person with the business and to discuss and analyze their requirements. Then, I have to write functional specifications based on those discussions, give those specs to the developers, test the programs that they will develop and finally, present the deliverables to the customer and train them.

Depending on the stage of the project, my job can be very stressful and time-consuming, but I like the fact that it is never boring. It is both challenging and interesting because you are paid for consulting, results, and deliverables and you can sometimes contribute greatly in enhancing your customer’s business. 

As previously mentioned, I recently started my own business and the reasoning is to have more options in a short future to start building apps or sites with crypto (KIN) integrated. I have a lot of ideas and even some specs written, so if you are a developer interested in building some cool apps with me, please reach out 😊. 

How did you first become interested in cryptocurrency? How did you discover KIN?

I always wanted to invest in cryptocurrency but I did not really know how to do it in practice. Crypto seemed to me quite complex, not so user-friendly, and too technical – I guess I just needed someone to onboard me.

In March 2018, a friend of mine talked to me about crypto. He took some time to explain the basics of crypto, how to subscribe to an Exchange, how to do the KYC, how to transfer funds to a wallet and he started to tell me more about different projects and more specifically about Stellar and Bitcoin. I bought some Stellar and started to read more and more about crypto in general. 

I first heard about KIN when the Kin Foundation planned to swap the ERC-20-based token for the Stellar-based token. I liked the fact that the goal of KIN was to become the most used crypto currency in the world and to be the number one currency for the digital world. I liked the ambition of the project and the vision explained by Ted Livingston. Also, I was also (and still am) very sensitive about the negative impact of the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) on innovation and found it highly interesting that KIN’s purpose was to fight those entities’ monopolies and the overwhelming presence of those companies on the internet/digital markets. 

That was the start. I sold some Stellar, bought some KIN and the more the price of KIN gradually dropped, the more KIN I was buying. At some point, I went all-in on KIN and I kept buying up until the SEC vs Kik verdict (good old stressy times when you could buy 1M KIN for a mere 4$). 

The funny thing is that I told my friend about KIN and Solana and he basically swapped all his Stellar to become a SOL whale some months ago and I think that he does not regret the decision.

What inspired you to become a Kin advocate and when did that happen?

I think it came naturally. I have been following Kin since 2018 and with time, I became more and more knowledgeable regarding the project. I am reading anything related to Kin on a daily basis on all social media and I am trying to have a full picture regarding the project, checking all good and bad aspects. 

I was very active on Reddit some years ago and used to write some medium articles to share some thoughts and ideas regarding the project. Nowadays, I am more active on Twitter and I like it because it is the media where you can get any type of information regarding crypto in real time.

I am always surprised to see the growing number of my followers who are really interested or curious about Kin. I am trying to post and forward any interesting news regarding Kin but I am also sharing other articles that might have an impact on crypto, some Kin related polls and also my two projects (KIN KRE and KIN Chronicles).

A Kin advocate is basically any curious person supporting the project, contributing to the community, and who is trying to provide honest feedback, opinion and cross-checked information to the community but also someone who is ready to challenge ideas and even the Kin Foundation in a respectful way. Anyone can basically become a Kin advocate.

Can you describe the activities you undertake, as a Kin community advocate? (What is a typical day or week like pertaining to Kin related activities?)

I have a very time-consuming job but nevertheless, I am reading about KIN everyday. I like to discuss and interact with some people I met via the KIN project and I really enjoy it. Some years ago, I decided to start the KIN KRE Statistics project. Since the KIN KRE inception, I have been gathering all KIN KRE data in a spreadsheet and have been making some analysis based on those data (3 years+ already). It is a nice way to check the health of the Kin Ecosystem from different angles. I am checking the number of active apps, total KIN received by apps since inception, total KIN received by apps per year, the amount of KIN that the apps have in their KIN KRE address and so on.

This project is based on quantitative data but also on qualitative data analysis. Depending on time, I am doing deeper analysis based on the data and try to give some extra input regarding trends and unusual patterns. 

The second project I am working on is the Kin Chronicles. I am gathering all Kin relevant news and quotes from all social media in a spreadsheet, along with a link to the source. I find it interesting to be able to check older information or announcements made months or years ago and see where the project is today and to see what the priorities are now. When I browse the file, I see that the challenges and concerns that the Kin project had months ago are completely different from the ones that are on the table now. It is also nice to see retrospectively all the project progressions and wins.

Finally, I am Admin on the Kin French Telegram. I try to answer some specific Kin related questions and information in French but there is not much activity for now. Most of the interactions happen on the main Kin channel obviously. I wasn’t meant to be Admin there but due to some circumstances, I proposed my help and it happened naturally.

How would you explain Kin to somebody who’s unfamiliar with cryptocurrency?

Well, there are multiple dimensions in Kin and a lot to cover and explain. Firstly, I would just explain that Kin’s ambition is to become the digital currency of choice in the digital world (Ecosystem of apps/web and metaverse) and used daily by billions of people. 

– Philippe Massart

As a developer, you would receive weekly KIN if you manage to build a cool app or web site with KIN integrated as an internal currency and if the users of the app are spending, earning, transferring KIN within the app or site. 

As a user, you would earn KIN by having a nice experience using any ecosystem app. Your time and good experience on the platform will get you some KIN and you will be able to spend it on cool features proposed by the app or to transfer your KIN to another app or site that you like and use your Kin there as well. As a user, if you love using an app, you might even buy some KIN within the app to use it more and by doing this, you will increase the demand and popularity for KIN overall. 

From an economic standpoint, KIN also opens up a lot of opportunities not only for developers, but also for entrepreneurs who want to build apps/sites with KIN. New markets and services can be created using KIN.

– Philippe Massart

Everyone is naturally thinking about integrating KIN in games and social media but KIN could be also used in utility apps and even in business to business applications.

KIN will be awesome but the Kin Ecosystem still needs a critical number of active apps and sites with KIN integrated and also some extra liquidity. Although Kin is already 4 years-old, it is only the beginning for KIN.

What advice would you offer newcomers to cryptocurrency/Kin?

I would advise newcomers to read about crypto on social media and to forge their own opinion about KIN and crypto in general. Also, I would recommend they check the site, read the Kin blog, and subscribe to Reddit, Twitter and Telegram to get information about KIN in real time. 

I would tell them to be patient and to consider KIN as a long-term crypto to hold and not to focus on short-term gains. If you want quick gains based on hype and inflated news, KIN is not that kind of project. A lot of interesting apps, sites, NFTs are being built gradually, step by step and at some point, the project will become so huge that it could not be ignored by the masses and exchanges anymore. Try to get some KIN (buying those directly on exchanges or earn those in apps) and use them in the available Ecosystem epps. You can also send KIN later to others apps and receive some staking/rewards based on your activity and on the amount that you sent.

What are some good ways that community members can help the Kin Ecosystem?

Anyone can positively contribute on social media and answer questions from people who are curious about KIN. Try to be positive, decent, respectful and patient. KIN is a decentralized project and has supporters (and haters) all around the world. 

Sometimes, I think that some people tend to forget about the cultural differences while communicating or even, to behave like a KIN maximalist. There is a place for many cryptocurrencies and the success of another project is not necessarily a threat for KIN and vice versa. You can always help out people who have wallet/migrations issues (big props to Rachel –  she is doing an amazing job by answering most of those issues) and also forward interesting KIN related information to other groups as much as possible. 

As a community, I think that we are often tweeting/transferring Kin news to the same groups of people. We should try to reach out to other communities and groups as much as possible, by using different hashtags on Twitter for example.

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