Kin Advocates Voices: Rachel van Alphen

Written by: Jesse Cecchetto

Marketing Communications Lead at the Kin Foundation.

November 3, 2021

Kin Advocates Voices is a collection of stories told by Kin OG’s and influential advocates.  We highlight their discovery of Kin, their achievements, why they became supporters, and their journey in the Kin community. 

Tell us about your background leading-up to what you currently do in your job or responsibilities?

My background is in Sales and Management, I have had jobs that were more focused on general management, but I also had jobs where the focus was on sales and where I got to train other sales personnel. 

I like working with people, I love the contact with clients, sales is my passion and when you are training someone to be part of your sales team, you get to share that passion.

My husband and I currently have our own company, but I am more active for KIN since the beginning of this year, because we love KIN and felt it was needed.

How did you first become interested in cryptocurrency? How did you discover KIN?

When the crypto market was booming late 2017 –  beginning 2018 it raised my interest. My husband wanted to buy bitcoin earlier when it was only 400 dollars and I saw the rise in price it made and said no, not going to do that, we all know how that worked out 😉.

We decided to start small and I investigated a lot of coins. During that investigation I found an article about KIN, a simple short article of someone that held KIN and the only thing I remember very clearly are the last few words –  that she had dropped a little of her dry powder on KIN in case it would become something big.

It intrigued me, I investigated further and fell in love with the project. The rest is history.

What inspired you to become a KIN advocate and when did that happen?

About 9 months ago I wanted to promote KIN on Twitter. I had a twitter account that I never used, only 3 followers at the time and 2 tweets total. I asked for community members to follow me and started tweeting about KIN. Then I made a daily Twitter post in Reddit to share any interesting tweets the community could engage on.

At the beginning of the migration, I saw one message after the other on Reddit, people needing assistance. I didn’t have the knowledge so my first thought was to make a daily post in Reddit and ask the community to help answer the questions. I also started to investigate, installing different wallets to find out how they work and what the problems were with the migration. 

I opened accounts at different exchanges and gathered as much information as I could. I started to learn more and more how to solve the problems people encountered and was able to help. I started to write guides to offer assistance and made a recurring post in Reddit to activate the KIN SPL token address. I have now activated hundreds of wallets.

We did KIN giveaways on Twitter, that was only possible because the community donated funds. We have an awesome community!

Later on, I started the Kin Cryptocurrency Discord server with Freedom.

Can you describe the activities you undertake, as a Kin community advocate? (What is a typical day or week like pertaining to Kin related activities?)

The biggest part of being a Kin Community Advocate has been support, we offer support on Discord, Reddit, Telegram and sometimes Twitter. A lot happens in private messages because people don’t like sharing their address publicly. Most times it is 15 to 30 minutes work to help someone out, but sometimes it takes longer (a lot longer). 

It is 7 days a week from early in the morning to late at night, and in the middle of the night sometimes. It has been very intense and also the reason I have been a little less present in the community after doing that for about 6 months – to catch my breath so to say.

I have been doing weekly recaps, that I had paused because of the above reason, but have since given my full attention again. I notice people really enjoy those, it highlights the progress happening and the work everyone has been doing.

I try to keep the community informed by sharing the information members of the Kin Foundation write on social media, for example William’s AMA and several conversations Kevin had. I notice the community really likes that.

Freedom (my husband) and I are picking up the community calls again, we would like to do two different calls going forward, one will be a small group focussed on supporting and promoting KIN, revolving around what can we do as a community. The other one will be a community call where everyone can jump in, talk about KIN and ask questions. We will have to see how that is going to work out, if the group becomes too big, maybe we have to split it up. We never have done those kinds of community calls, so it will be trial and error in the beginning.

A big part of my advocacy role is also the Discord server, you have to stay on top of it, to make sure everyone has a pleasant experience and ensuring all members are real users and not bot accounts. 

A bot attack takes up a lot of time, Freedom and I need to jump-in to ban bot accounts manually and then people still report that they get spam messages often, that is why it is important to act quickly.

Freedom and I are looking into more ways to promote KIN and help raise awareness, that will be a joint effort with other community members.

How would you explain Kin to somebody who’s unfamiliar with cryptocurrency?

Difficult, but interesting question. The way I have done it in the past is saying that KIN is meant for microtransactions in apps and on websites, that you can earn KIN and spend that KIN in different apps, without any fees.

Kin can be used in gaming – the possibilities are endless and that I personally think it can become a great success.

If I am talking to a developer, I would add how easy it is to integrate KIN and get rewarded by the KRE.

If I notice someone is interested, I get more into details, sharing the KIN website, telling them where to find the KIN apps, how to buy KIN etc.

What advice would you offer newcomers to cryptocurrency/Kin?

Do your own research and form your own opinions. In every community you have people that are always positive, but you also have people that are always negative, most times the answer is somewhere in the middle.

Look at the fundamentals of a coin, like William said, a lot of coins are like the emperor without any clothes. It is all hype, while hype is not the future, building a strong crypto economy is.

It is uncharted territory, you will not get to the top without making some mistakes along the way and having to alter course. I am confident we are on the right track with KIN, even though we had a tough ride getting here.

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