Kin Advocates Voices: Tim Howard

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January 21, 2022

Kin Advocates Voices is a collection of stories told by Kin OG’s and influential advocates. We highlight their discovery of Kin, why they became supporters, and their journey into the community. 

Tell us about your background leading-up to what you currently do in your job or responsibilities?

They say if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. I’ve tried to live that over the years, I have business sales and management experience along with tourism and entertainment. You could say I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. Well maybe one, my passion is creating smiles and laughter with Magical Mr. Tims magic show. 

How did you first become interested in cryptocurrency? How did you discover KIN?

From a friend actually, up until this point I had never been involved in a cryptocurrency community. I downloaded Atomic wallet and used Changelly and the whole process was smooth and kinda exciting. This was maybe four to five months prior to the SEC outcome relating to Kik Interactive. 

It was a stroke of luck, I conducted absolutely no research. It wasn’t until days before the positive outcome in that case did I read up on anything about the Kin Foundation, which was eye opening for sure.

What inspired you to become a KIN advocate and when did that happen?

The real answer to that question is personal and only a few know. I will say in the beginning all I wanted to see was Kin flourish. I became part of the Kin community and joined Gamba’s The Kin Channel. Spent my time quietly reading at first, interesting times that’s for sure, getting to know the KF and the community. I saw the positives and the negatives on both sides, I started to participate and became quite the cheerleader for Kin. I can’t imagine what went through the minds of some of the Kin OGs. Other than, “who is this Tim Howard guy?” Respect to you all!

During this time, Telegram introduced the voice chat capabilities and one night I reached out to Gamba and said “hey why don’t we try out the voice chat feature?” A couple of us jumped in and that was kinda the start.  

Can’t believe how much we talked back then into the early hours of the morning, and the following day we held another. Kevin Ricoy jumped into that chat which was awesome, and a small number of others joined too.  Following these chats, I spoke with Gamba and shared some ideas that I had for The Kin Channel and Kin itself. Gamba reached out to some of the OGs and the “WarRoom” was born.

Can you describe the activities you undertake, as a Kin community advocate? (What is a typical day or week like pertaining to Kin related activities?)

In the beginning this was exciting, we met as a small group, awesome people. Lots of great ideas were discussed, some of the ideas and initiatives put into place. I had reached out to the channel members for help, we wanted to do giveaways, competitions etc. Donations started to come in and thanks to everyone who made that possible, a movement started.   

It was great getting a group of OGs and some members of the WarRoom onto our first live voice chat for the community. What a fun and engaging conversation that was. The voice chats ultimately morphed into a series –  “The Kin Show” with Tony Jacob, a totally awesome initiative having conversations with Kin developers. There’s great stuff happening and Tony’s working really hard. Check it out here.

A few months back we had a live AMA with William Mougayar hosted by myself and Josh. Since then, we have hosted giveaways with The Kin Channel Twitter and a couple of spaces.

Although the WarRoom still exists, it’s not like it was in the beginning. Over the last few months, I’ve taken a step back. It’s funny I can tell you that in the beginning of the pandemic I was one of those people who don’t stress out over covid it’s just like the flu!  Well now going into the fourth, maybe 5th month of long haul covid both my wife and I, it’s taken quite the toll on both of us and our family, now that I’m doing better you’ll probably hear from me a little more.

When I jumped in on Kin and became a believer in the project, what I quickly realized is this –  what we are trying to achieve cannot be done alone. As much as I thought I could make a difference, it’s not always easy. A large group of the community is needed. It’s starting to happen, which is why I’m thankful that there are other voices speaking out who also need to be recognized.  

How would you explain Kin to somebody who’s unfamiliar with cryptocurrency?

That’s not as easy as I thought at first. Do you like money? Kin is a digital form of currency/money for apps that you can use on your phone and computer. You can earn it, you can spend it, you can purchase it, you can save it, you can even earn interest on it. You can also convert it into other forms of currency through online exchanges.

What advice would you offer newcomers to cryptocurrency/Kin?

First, do not be afraid but understand there are scammers out there. Never ever give anyone your private key or passphrase, and write it down and secure it in multiple locations.

Don’t commit the mistake I made, and do your own research.

What are some good ways that community members can help the Kin Ecosystem?

Get active, stay involved in the conversations. Tweet, retweet, quote tweets. Introduce new community members or developers to Kin through Twitter conversations.  You never know what can come of it.  Generate a lead or two for the Kin Foundation, I’ve done it and I recently saw on telegram KinShip do the same.

Get involved with the live voice chats either on Telegram, Discord or Spaces. There’s a lot more crypto out there than in 2017, and a lot of noise too. Help Kin get heard as new people enter and will continue to enter the crypto space from all over the world, a smaller micro transaction asset like Kin could be what they’re looking for.

Lastly, stay positive. I know that’s not always easy but it’s worth it no matter what is going on in life. The Kin Community is truly like no other, I’ve made some really good friends that I would never have met. I’ve had some incredible conversations with people both Kin related and life in general, and even got to sample the most amazing cotton candy tasting honey I ever had.

I think in the spirit of decentralization, the Kin community is very much spread out through different media and has different ideas but all with a common goal. In my opinion we need to figure a way to weave ourselves together into a tighter bunch, not just Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Twitter or Astros city that one day we move in unison and make bigger waves within the crypto space. Shalom!

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