Kin Catalyst Fund

The Kin Foundation offers Kin grants to qualified teams and individuals that can successfully bring meaningful contributions to the Kin Ecosystem. 

The Kin Foundation is currently looking to fund the following initiatives:

Kin Use Cases

  1. Mobile apps and games which utilize Kin as a primary in-game currency where Kin can be purchased in-app by end-users.
  2. Physical goods marketplaces.
  3. Digital P2P marketplaces (stickers, art, music, etc.)
  4. NFT related projects where Kin is as a form of payment or reward.
  5. Kin-back loyalty program for purchasing goods.

Tools & Dashboards:

  1. Tools and/or web dashboards that help ecosystem participants better to understand the ecosystem.
  2. Kin projects relating to Solana Pay, and associated e-commerce opportunities.
  3. Tools which make it easier for content creators to receive Kin as payment.
  4. Dev work in relation to Kin Unity SDK.
  5. Dev work in relation to Kin Flutter SDK.
  6. On-chain subscriptions: A protocol that is a factory for any app to create on-chain payment streaming and subscriptions.


  1. Infographics – which can be distributed to interested parties explaining different elements of the ecosystem.
  2. Educational materials and tutorials.

Strategic Grants

For qualified teams and individuals that can successfully bring meaningful contributions of any sort to the Kin Ecosystem. Grants are awarded based on the achievement of measurable milestones where applicable. 

User Jumpstart Grants

Provided for users of apps that are new to the Kin Ecosystem to help them earn their first Kin and spark economic activity, in turn, kickstarting KRE earns. Applicants will be required to have an accompanying marketing program to drive user acquisition and growth. Approved grants will be provided in tranches and tied to specific user activation and results-based milestones.

Accelerator Grants

Geared towards developers that have created high potential early-stage apps or services (at least MVP) and have demonstrated the ability to execute. Approved funding will be provided in tranches and tied to specific milestones.

How to apply?

Fill out the application form linked below.  Tell us a little about yourself, your experience and of course,  your pitch!   Be sure to include links to any MVPs or materials to support your application.  The stronger your application the better the chances of your success.  The Kin Foundation reviews grant applications on a rolling basis.  As your application is considered, you will receive updates via e-mail.  The team may also reach out to you to discuss your application further.

Apply For A Grant