Kin Currency Returns to Kik Messenger on the Solana Blockchain

Written by: Kevin Ricoy

Head of Growth at the Kin Foundation

April 28, 2021

Popular Messaging App Reintegrates Kin with Improved Performance

Kik is a popular instant messaging app that allows users to take on any persona they wish to connect with friends over common interests, or make new ones. With millions of active users, Kik has boasted some of the highest engagement of any social networking app. 

In September of 2017, Kik Interactive Inc. launched a new digital economy that would enable developers to reward users for their engagement and contributions rather than exploit them, and collaborate with other consumer platforms to create mutual growth rather than compete in a zero-sum game. This new economy was centered around Kin, a cryptocurrency created for apps, services, and their users.

In October of 2019, the Kik messaging app was acquired by MediaLab, the company behind such popular internet brands as Whisper. Seeing the promise of this new model to generate meaningful revenue while enhancing the user experience, MediaLab committed to doubling down on Kin — releasing new product features, and purchasing token reserves of their own.

MediaLab is excited to share that they have now successfully completed their migration to the latest generation of Kin, on the Solana blockchain. With the migration to Solana completed, a new realm of performance and speed has been unlocked for the MediaLab team, allowing them to once again reinvigorate their efforts around Kin. 

Currently use cases include:

  • Earn Kin by watching videos, playing games, and trying Whisper
  • Spend Kin to Meet New People
  • Spend Kin on custom Chat Themes
  • Deposit Kin to in-app wallet (currently requires address conversion from Kin3 to SPL, which can be done at

With virtually unlimited capacity to scale, Kik Messenger is now able to roll out to and grow its overall Kin user base. Kik is currently ranked #26 in the Google Play Store among Communication apps and #21 in the Apple App Store among Social Networking apps.

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MediaLab believes in the vision of Kin, and are exploring new opportunities to drive adoption of the cryptocurrency to their users. If you are a fan of Kin, you can look forward to another update about Kin and MediaLab in the near future. We will share more information as it becomes ready to reveal.

Kin is uniting apps and services of all sizes and varieties to build a new digital economy that aligns the incentives of developers, users, and communities. By growing together, the Kin Ecosystem can build a more fair digital world, where those who create value share in the success of the network. If you are interested in building your app with Kin, we invite you to join us.

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