Kin Developer Report – February 2021

Written by: Chase Barker

Guest Post || Technical Program Director at Kik Interactive Inc.

February 23, 2021

Welcome to the very first Kin Developer Report. This monthly report will keep you updated on all the latest activities within the Kin Developer Ecosystem — everything from the latest apps to open source projects that you can contribute to. We believe that there has never been a better time to grow and connect our open source community of developers and empower them to start building with us. By highlighting the activity and vibrancy of development in the Kin Ecosystem, we hope that developers will be inspired to contribute to ongoing projects or start up their own.

Listening Tour

Over the last few months the Kin Foundation has been meeting with Kin Ecosystem developers to hear their story, and determine what is and what isn’t working for them. Understanding these pain points will help to identify tooling and improvements that can be made to enhance the developer experience. This information can also be shared across the ecosystem in order to mitigate challenges in development and optimize user experiences. Information sharing is key to a successful community of developers. The Kin Foundation has begun highlighting developers and their stories in a new content series called Monetizing with Kin, in which they showcase the ways that Kin is used to both enhance the UX as well as create new spend/earn experiences to activate users and increase retention. It’s a fundamentally new model for app monetization. You can review the highlights released so far below:

Community Development Highlights

Outside of existing apps, we’ve had a lot of developers in our discord reach out to us looking for ways to contribute to the project. One of the initiatives currently being driven by the community is a set of simplified written and video tutorials for each of our SDKs. While we have some excellent technical documentation, this type of documentation tends to be for more experienced developers. This is the standard way of doing things, which is why we want to provide tutorials to developers to make integrating Kin as easy as possible. You can check out an example of one of the latest video tutorials here: GO SDK Tutorial.

We’ve seen a healthy number of new apps signing up to develop with Kin and expect this interest to continue to accelerate. Many of these apps are just testing out the tools, but others have already scoped out some excellent apps and use cases for Kin. One that we’re all excited to see is the introduction of Playtoshi. Playtoshi enables users to earn Kin for downloading the app and watching ads—earning more Kin on your holdings AND you can spend your Kin earnings in the app. You can even send Kin as a gift to someone you know!

Another member of our developer community has also begun working on a Fiverr-like marketplace for Kin on the web. More on this highly anticipated project in the future =) One of the biggest challenges we’ve seen in the past as it relates to building web-based Kin applications is the lack of a viable web wallet solution. The good news is that now that we’ve joined the Solana blockchain, there are plenty of great options for using open source web wallets that can interact with the Solana blockchain such as Sollet and Bonfida. If you’ve ever used Project Serum DEX, you’ll notice that these web wallets are used to sign transactions enabling real time trading on chain, directly from your computer.

A few other projects being explored by the community are SDKs for C# and Flutter, as well as an updated Unity SDK that works with Solana. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be gathering more information around these projects so that others can join the conversations and start contributing.


The community has been self-organizing in order to identify and achieve unified goals for the ecosystem. As the Kin Community continues to evolve, we expect that initiatives like these could become a critical element of the ecosystem. The Kin Foundation plans to support these initiatives in a way that continues to promote the maturity of our developer ecosystem.

Overall there is a lot of renewed excitement within the Kin Ecosystem. Engagement is at an all-time-high and we want to continue to build on this momentum. If you’re eager to contribute please don’t hesitate to join us in our Kin Developer Discord and start engaging with us!

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