Kin Foundation AMA with Alim Khamisa (Feb. 25th, 2021)

Written by: Kin Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to growing the reach and impact of the Kin Ecosystem.

February 25, 2021

Alim Khamisa Answers Questions from the Kin Community

The Kin Foundation has released its first video in its Ask Me Anything series, with Alim Khamisa diving into Q&A from our Reddit Community.

Check out Alim’s answers to the community’s questions in the video below.

AMA Questions

  1. What can we expect from your first 100 days? Just the highlights.
  1. Could you tell us what your average workday looks like? Do you have brainstorm sessions on how to market KIN? Do you have daily talks with partners?
  1. I’m sure KF receives feedback from app developers who are looking to monetize with KIN. What are the typical challenges of App developers?
  1. Will there be a roadmap to share with the community what’s being worked on behind the scenes?
  1. I would like to know what you see as the top 3 priorities for KIN in the short term and what are the barriers that we need to overcome to realize these. How can we as a community help support you on this?
  1. From the foundation’s point of view, what would you say are your biggest hurdles at the moment?
  1. Now that kin has migrated can it handle a user base of several hundred million?
  1. When can we expect an official kin app for Ledger?
  1. According to you, what can be concretely done to increase the real demand for KIN within the KIN Ecosystem?
  1. Can you explain what Kin’s differentiation or competitive advantage is? I understand that it already has some developer adoption, but what’s stopping other projects from copycatting or swooping in? It seems like the early advantage is gone and new projects built on Ethereum could eat our lunch.
  1. What is being done to fix the problem of the KRE payments decreasing the value of Kin when these ecosystem partners dump large amounts of kin with low liquidity on the exchanges?
  1. With your experience and connections in the DeFi space, do you have any thoughts on how Kin could best participate in this revolution?
  1. Any plans on having a separate dedicated team for DeFi Kin? (in the near future) 
  1. Will staking KIN ever be an option? 
  1. Can we expect any major app integration/partnerships for 2021?
  1. Is the integration of KIN in KIK messenger still in play?
  1. Being at the mercy of U.S. regulators (SEC) and even Big Tech gatekeepers (Apple Store/Google Play), how does Kin see its best path forward to mass adoption?
  1. Since the Discord channel for developers is getting more attention lately, what are your plans to help the developer community to grow and engage with the ecosystem?
  1. I think some regular cadence of official news/updates would be very beneficial for the community, it helps build and maintain trust while providing consistency in the ups and downs of a growing community. How do you plan on increasing communication with the community moving forward?
  1. Are you hiring more people and for what roles? I want to know the direction that the KF is heading in in terms of its own growth as an organization.
  1. There are many young and/or talented individuals in the community who are inspired by the Kin Foundation and its vision. Will there be any internship opportunities in the near future?
  1. Do you happen to know more about the “BUY module” approval in one of the last KRE updates before your arrival? We see the KRE is heading in that direction which is great!. Wondering have you spoken to any of the existing apps about this feature and do you see it coming in Q2 of 2021?
  1. Where do you see kin from an ecosystem perspective by the end of this year, what are your goals?