Kin Newsletter – December 2021

Written by: Jesse Cecchetto

Marketing Communications Lead at the Kin Foundation.

December 16, 2021

During the month of November, the Kin Ecosystem processed 25,969,337 transactions, averaging 865,644 transactions per day. 

Kin closed the month of November with roughly 917,815 monthly active users and over 49,792,248,000 active user balance across 20 total apps.

Ramp Adds Kin To Its Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency Platform

The Kin Foundation partnered with Ramp Network’s global platform to offer various fiat-to-crypto payment solutions for Kin developers to integrate into their apps. Kin is now available on Ramp’s “UK and Rest of World” platform, with U.S. support to follow.

With this capability, developers can create their own fiat to Kin use-cases by utilizing Ramp’s iOS, Android and React Native SDKs for easy integration into existing apps. Ramp’s buy module widget can be implemented in under 30 minutes, while API access is also available for developers who want to build a fully customised solution.

Along with this, Kin is also available to purchase directly from Ramp, with a buy link included directly on

Perfect365 Launches E-commerce Marketplace on Android

Perfect365’s e-commerce marketplace is officially open exclusively to US Android users. You can now purchase & discount your favourite makeup products using KIN just before the holidays! 

As part of Perfect365’s e-commerce project plans for Phase II, users will also be able to purchase Kin directly through a buy-mechanism in the order flow.

Android users can browse the marketplace here.

kiNFT — A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Kin Enabled NFT Store in 30 Minutes

The Kin Foundation has unveiled an intuitive step-by-step guide for launching your very own NFT storefront with Metaplex, allowing you to create and sell your creative artwork for KIN, or other compatible SPL tokens. 

This tutorial is for the less tech-savvy aspiring NFT creators — especially in the Kin community — who are looking for a simple but fully explained solution to setting up minting, and launching an NFT store. With this comprehensive guide and your newly created art, you’ll be able to set up your NFT storefront with Metaplex and begin selling your collection in a matter of minutes.

Jump into our Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Kin Enabled NFT Store to get started and begin your journey in the Solana NFT ecosystem. 

New Exchange Listings for KIN

The Kin Foundation was pleased to announce several new cryptocurrency exchanges listing KIN over the last month.

kiNFT Minting Madness – Metaplex NFT Contest

With the launch of our step-by-step guide to creating your own NFT storefront with Metaplex, the Kin Foundation is hosting a friendly NFT initiative to get the creative juices flowing.

KiNFT Minting Madness is a friendly contest to bring out creative new NFT projects utilizing KIN. Follow the instructions in our Twitter announcement to learn more and enter. 

First place winner will receive 25M KIN, & our second place winner will receive 10M KIN.

Kin Advocates Voices: Lee Huk & Philippe Massart

The Kin Foundation is excited to have featured Lee Huk & Philippe Massart in the latest Kin Advocate Voices content series! 

Lee is the creator of Cuppa Kin, a moderator of the Kin Telegram announcement channel, and helps community projects like Crypto Kin News.

Philippe is the creator of the Kin Chronicles, Kin KRE Statistics project, and an admin of the Kin French Telegram.

Read Lee & Philippe’s Kin Advocate Voices articles and learn more about how they discovered cryptocurrency, KIN & their road to becoming advocates.

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