Kin Newsletter February 2021

Written by: Kevin Ricoy

Community & Marketing Manager at the Kin Foundation

February 9, 2021

All around the world, people are waking up to the potential for cryptocurrency to disrupt the way we interact with the internet. This paradigm shift will impact human life in a number of ways, from decentralizing traditional financial institutions to enabling new models of monetization for app developers.

Kin is playing a significant role in this transition to ‘Web 3.0’. In this evolution of the web, we will see a shift away from centralized models of value accrual to a more equitable distribution where the users and communities that make up a platform share in its success. In a 2020 Sector Review Report by Messari, Kin was ranked as the top-performing Web 3.0 cryptocurrency, beating out the year-over-year performance of a number of popular projects. You can learn more about Kin’s inclusion in the report in this month’s newsletter.

Building a more fair digital world is one of the core tenets of Kin’s vision, and we are already seeing it come to life. To highlight this, we’ve begun to showcase the apps in the Kin Ecosystem and how they use Kin to monetize, reward their users, and improve the in-app experience. This month we published spotlights on Perfect365 and PeerBet, two very different apps that approach integrations in different ways — each finding success in their own right. To find out more about these apps and how they use Kin, continue reading below.

The promise of a fairer internet has also spurred greater interest in Kin, becoming one of the fastest-growing Finance & Business communities on Reddit, and resulting in a number of new developers pitching in to build and grow the ecosystem. The Kin Foundation is actively engaging with power-contributors in the community to identify ways to synergize and provide support for their initiatives. We invite everyone who wishes to contribute to check out these initiatives and join in their efforts or create their own. 

Kin is a working product, solving a real problem. In order to achieve mass adoption, building something that people actually want and use has always been the number one priority of the Kin Community. That said, in order for this vision to reach a wider audience, the technology behind the product also needs to be cutting-edge, and able to scale. To that end, Kin has recently migrated to the Solana blockchain, enabling a new level of speed and capacity previously thought unattainable. With over 99% of the circulating supply from the Kin blockchain already migrated, the project is on the verge of completing the process, with apps working as intended and exchanges due to reopen with support for the newest version of Kin. To learn more about the latest status of the migration to Solana, you can find an update in this newsletter below.

Finally, this month we announced our first AMA with Alim Khamisa, Executive Director of the Kin Foundation. If you have questions that you would like to ask Alim, make sure to check out the AMA and post them by February 21st. The link can be found below.

February 2021 Contents

Messari Ranks Kin as the Top-Performing Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency

Messari has published its 2020 Sector Performance Report, analyzing a number of top projects across key blockchain industry sectors. In this report, Kin is ranked as the top-performing cryptocurrency in the Web 3.0 sector, due to a number of factors. 

This report highlights the growing interest in Kin, and its potential to disrupt app monetization. 

To read the full story and report from Messari, check out the blog post here:
Messari Ranks Kin as the Top-Performing Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency

Monetizing with Kin: App Highlights

This month we launched a new content series, called Monetizing with Kin. This series showcases the way that different apps in the Kin Ecosystem have been able to generate revenue in a fundamentally new way using the Kin cryptocurrency. The first in this series shines a spotlight on Perfect365, an augmented reality beauty platform that uses Kin to increase retention and stickiness, while also allowing users to be rewarded for their time and engagement. 

To learn about how Perfect365 is monetizing with Kin, check out the blog post here:
Monetizing with Kin: Perfect365

PeerBet is an independent social wager app created from the ground up to be used with the Kin cryptocurrency. As the exclusive mode of value exchange, the app simply would not work without Kin. Allowing users to earn something real by challenging friends, referring new users, and suggesting topics to wager on, PeerBet has been able to successfully generate meaningful revenue by rewarding their community, rather than mining and selling their data.

To learn more about how PeerBet is monetizing with Kin, check out the blog post here:
Monetizing with Kin: PeerBet

Kin Foundation AMA with Alim Khamisa, Executive Director

Last month we announced the addition of Alim Khamisa to the Kin Foundation team. Bringing his experience in leadership, business development, and blockchain to the table, Alim is excited about the future of Kin and eager to help bring the project to new heights. In an effort to engage directly with the community, Alim will be doing a Reddit AMA to answer questions from supporters and provide insights into the work he will be doing on the project.

If you have questions that you would like to ask Alim, make sure to post them in the thread below by February 21st:
Kin Foundation AMA w/ Alim Khamisa, Executive Director

Kin Solana January 2021 Migration Update

The migration from the Kin Blockchain to the Solana Blockchain that started Dec. 15th, 2020 was necessary to unlock capacity and performance for Kin to continue to scale. With a move this large, there are also complexities. This post unpacks the current progress on the migration as well as the next steps. 

To read about the latest update on the Kin to Solana migration, read the blog post here:
Kin Solana January 2021 Migration Update

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