Kin Newsletter January 2021

Written by: Kevin Ricoy

Head of Growth at the Kin Foundation

January 13, 2021

As the cryptocurrency market surpasses $1 trillion in market capitalization, the Kin Community has responded by doing what it does best – continuing to build. The Kin project is kicking off the new year with a bang, welcoming a stronger Kin Foundation, a stronger focus on community collaboration, and a robust ecosystem of compatible apps and services. 

Last month, Kin began a transition to the Solana blockchain, in what has amounted to the largest migration in blockchain history by number of wallets. With over 99% of the circulating supply successfully migrated, the Kin Ecosystem now comprises the vast majority of unique accounts on the Solana network. While the transition process was not without some challenges, the community has shown its resiliency and commitment by remaining steadfast and pressing forward. Not all wallets and exchanges are fully back online yet, but we expect that many of them will over the next several days. 

On the heels of this exciting technical feat, the Kin Foundation has also revealed another step in its evolution by announcing two new hires – an Executive Director and a Community & Marketing Manager brought on to focus on expanding the reach and adoption of the Kin cryptocurrency. This expansion signals a new level of growth and adoption for the Kin Ecosystem, led by the community and the Kin Foundation’s combined efforts. 

Tying all of these developments together, the ecosystem also welcomes a number of new compatible wallets as well as a new decentralized exchange (DEX) listing for users, increasing the accessibility and utility of Kin as a currency. 

We have also launched a new location for the Kin Foundation Blog where you can read our latest stories. This blog will be utilized in addition to our Medium channel, which we will continue to use for syndication – but moving forward you can expect to see us publish to the website first.  

Finally, during the December 2020 Kin Foundation Board Meeting, a revamp of the Kin Community Council was initiated, involving fewer members, but each one owning a dedicated focus. The Board also decided to directly manage the Kin Community Rewards as the program enters a re-design where objectives include a higher level of quality for contributions and rewards based on more measurable results. 

January 2021 Contents:

  • Announcing a New Executive Director for the Kin Foundation
  • Kin Foundation Hires New Community & Marketing Manager
  • Kin SPL Wallet Update for End-Users (including a visual compatibility table)
  • Kin Now Available on Serum  

Announcing the New Executive Director for the Kin Foundation

The Kin Foundation has hired a full-time Executive Director to lead this exciting new phase of growth and development of the Kin Ecosystem. 

Alim Khamisa brings his experience in blockchain and business development to the foray, filling a key leadership position for the Kin Foundation. Announcing his intent to deepen developer relations, collaborate with the community, and grow the Kin Ecosystem, we look forward to seeing him and his team execute in order to grow the reach and impact of Kin. 

You can read more about Alim and his compelling rationale for joining Kin in his introductory post:
Announcing a New Executive Director for the Kin Foundation

New Community & Marketing Manager for the Kin Foundation

The Kin Foundation has also hired a full-time Community & Marketing Manager to support the community and Kin Foundation in executing on renewed business objectives. 

Kevin Ricoy, previously the Communications Manager for Kik Interactive Inc., rejoined in a new role that focuses exclusively on Kin. Having shown a commitment to and strong understanding of building decentralized ecosystems, Kevin’s addition to the team will bolster the Kin Foundation’s ability to execute on its key marketing objectives while strengthening its relationship with the community by maintaining an open and collaborative approach to addressing opportunities and challenges. 

You can read more about Kevin and his compelling rationale for joining Kin in his introductory post:
Joining the Kin Foundation as Community & Marketing Manager

Kin Listed on Serum

The Kin Foundation has announced a partnership with Alameda Research to list and provide liquidity for Kin on Serum, a high-performance protocol that powers an independent ecosystem of exchanges and markets while bridging networks such as Ethereum and Solana. 

Following strong interest in Kin from Asian markets, this listing increases accessibility for Kin as a currency, making it easier to utilize for developers and users. By allowing Kin to be featured on Serum, Kin users also gain the ability to experience Serum via a variety of wallets and GUIs such as Bonfida, Sollet, Solong, and Serum Pro. 

You can read more about this exciting new partnership in the announcement post:
Kin is Now Available on Serum

Kin SPL Wallet Update for End-Users

A new guide and a compatibility chart are now available to help users choose a wallet for Kin SPL on Solana. We expect this table to be continuously updated as new wallets are updated and announced.

Kin SPL Wallet Update for End-Users

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