Kin Newsletter – June 2021

Written by: Matt Hannam

Director at the Kin Foundation

June 9, 2021

This past month, the Kin Foundation focused on the continued development of the technical tools and resources needed for our Kin developer community and to support the next stage of ecosystem growth.   In our previous newsletter, we announced the new Kin Web Wallet, Web SDK and React Native SDK, these tools completed their final beta testing phase and will be released publicly within the next few days.  Additionally, the Unity SDK and Flutter SDK have completed development and are now in private beta testing so these are almost ready for release as well. If you are interested in helping test these new SDKs, make sure to reach out to @beeman_nl.  The Kin developer community also published new tutorials for Python, Go and iOS and Kik Engineering released an updated timetable for the technical roadmap.  We can’t wait to see what our Kin developers build!  

Attention:  All ERC-20 KIN Holders! 

If you are holding the older and original version of Kin issued on the Ethereum blockchain, the token swap went live this month,  and it is necessary to swap your tokens to KIN SPL as the ERC-20 KIN is no longer supported.   If this affects you, then see our announcement with instructions here or below.  This is a time limited swap so do not miss the opportunity.  We will make further announcements when a closing date is set for the swap. 

Elsewhere in the Kin ecosystem,  Kin is now supported by Blocto Wallet which offers a new and seamless way to store and use Kin.  The Solana Season Hackathon, which the Kin Foundation is a major sponsor, kicked off on 15 May 2021 and runs until 7 June 2021.  As part of the hackathon, the Kin Foundation teamed up with the Solana team to host a Kin Technical Workshop on their Twitch channel (click link for video replay) focused on how to integrate Kin using the Web SDK. Our own William Mougayar is a judge for the hackathon so there will be more updates to come on this as the competition draws to a close.   We wish all the entrants the very best of luck.

For more information on all of these developments and more, continue reading this month’s newsletter:

Token Swap:  Kin ERC20 (Ethereum) to Kin SPL (Solana) Swap Available Now!

The Kin Foundation has partnered with FTX to provide Kin users on Ethereum an opportunity to perform a one-way swap to Kin SPL on Solana from their ERC-20 wallets holding the older and original version of the Kin token.

This is a time-limited program. We urge all ERC-20 holders to perform this swap as soon as possible.

Blocto Wallet Adds Support for the Kin Cryptocurrency

We are excited to announce that Kin is now supported by Blocto, offering users a new seamless way to store and use their Kin cryptocurrency while interacting with dApps (decentralized applications)!

Blocto is a cross-chain smart contract wallet that currently supports Solana, Ethereum, Flow, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron.

This wallet allows users to easily log in with their email, store cryptocurrencies, interact with dApps, and buy / sell NFTs in a user-friendly way. Users can also convert their Blocto account to non-custodial mode with direct access to their private keys once they are more familiar with blockchain usage.

For more information, see our official announcement:

New Python, GO, iOS Kin SDK Tutorials is an open source and community maintained tutorial site for learning to develop apps with Kin.  Community developer (XingYi) has contributed a Python Tutorial, Python Starter Kit, Go Tutorial, and a Go Starter Kit. Richie, a new contributor, also added an iOS Tutorial and iOS Starter Kit.

Watch out for more additions in the future, including tutorials on upcoming SDKs!

Check out the website here: 

Read the announcement here:

Solana Season Hackathon : Kin Technical Workshop

As part of the Solana Season Hackathon, the Kin Foundation led a technical workshop on working with Kin’s easy-to-implement Web SDK.   This workshop was live-streamed on Twitch.  If you missed this workshop, there is a recording over at SolanaTV which you can watch here:

Developer tools: Web SDK, and React Native SDK now available. Unity and Flutter SDKs in private beta.

This past month the new Kin Web Wallet, Web SDK and React Native SDK completed their testing. The Unity SDK and Flutter SDK are also on the way.   

Keep your eyes on our twitter for their public release announcements.

Thank you for the patience and support of our developer community while these new tools are put in place. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Technical Roadmap Release Dates Update

Kik Engineering is currently contributing a number of updates to the Kin SDKs, MyKinWallet and other related tools, see the latest update on our blog for release dates:

Welcome to Beeman

This past month we also welcomed new team member Bram B (“Beeman”) to the Kin Foundation team.  Beeman joins as a Technical Advisor to the Kin Foundation and will be leading on special projects to improve the developer experience for existing and new developers.   He is also the creator of our Web and React Native SDKs.  Great to have you on board Beeman!

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