Kin Newsletter – June 2022

Written by: Jesse Cecchetto

Marketing Communications Lead at the Kin Foundation.

July 27, 2022

During the month of June, the Kin Ecosystem processed 31,729,398 transactions, averaging 1,057,647 transactions per day. 

The Kin Ecosystem closed the month of June with 2,016,720 monthly active users and over 86,237,976,739 KIN in active user balance across 23 total apps.

New App: Cafeteria Joins The Kin Ecosystem

We welcomed a new app to the Kin Ecosystem – Cafeteria

Cafeteria is an innovative chat platform natively infused with the latest crypto-tech to bring a new and exciting community driven experience. Cafeteria has integrated Kin to be the very first SPL token able to be earned & spent within the app, enabling users to not only just discuss their interest on a topic or content, but actually show their appreciation by tipping users with Kin.

Sign-ups are currently live to gain beta access for Cafeteria, with over 5,000 sign-ups and counting – secure your spot now

New App: Giftery Joins The Kin Ecosystem

We welcomed Giftery to the Kin Ecosystem – an amazing new virtual gift card store and set of developer tools!

Giftery enables users to spend Kin and purchase virtual gift cards from over 250 + major retailers, including: Airbnb, Amazon, Best Buy, Chipotle, Disney, DoorDash, Ebay, Gamestop, Hulu, Nike, Sephora, Starbucks, Uber, Walmart. Whole Foods, XBOX, and much more…

In addition, Giftery Vendor is an ecommerce solution that enables developers to integrate Giftery into their own projects, leverage its inventory, and to create their own customizable gift card experiences for their own users.

Developers can get started with Giftery Vendor by signing up and booking time with the Giftery team to discuss integration and partnership. As for the Kin community, head over to Giftery and start your shopping spree!

Where The KRE Is Headed

The goal of the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE) has always been to be a strong catalyst for propelling the Kin Ecosystem forward towards a vibrant economy. 

With the voices of the community in mind and the goal of continuous improvement, we’ve re-examined the KRE and are shaping a new direction.

Chairman of the Kin Foundation, William Mougayar, provides a detailed breakdown of where the Kin Rewards Engine is headed, along with open transparency revolving around the current weaknesses, proposed solutions, and thoughts on the overall evolution of the KRE.

Read the full blog post to learn more!

Kin Foundation x Solana Hacker House Barcelona

The Kin Foundation had an amazing time meeting other builders at Solana Hacker House Barcelona which was held between June 22nd to June 26th of last month. Representing the Kin Foundation were CTO Bram Borggreve and Lead Backend Engineer, Alex Ramirez

The Hacker House is a five-day offline event where developers come together to collaborate, share learnings and present their projects to the developer community.

The team gave a presentation which provided an introduction to Kin, its history, prominence in terms of holders, active users, and overall transactions on Solana, and the path forward along with the Kin Rewards Engine and Kinetic – the next generation of API and SDK for the Kin Ecosystem. The feedback from the audience was very positive and many teams stayed in touch after the event to learn about potential opportunities to contribute.

You can watch the full presentation here!

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