Kin Newsletter March 2021

Written by: Kevin Ricoy

Head of Growth at the Kin Foundation

March 9, 2021

The past month has been packed with exciting developments for the Kin cryptocurrency, as the project becomes better positioned to disrupt the landscape of digital consumer experiences and micro-transactions. 

Capitalizing on this era of renewed opportunity, the Kin Foundation has expanded its efforts to support the community with the launch of the new Kin Catalyst Fund, an allocation of Kin dedicated to igniting contributions to the development of Kin. If you are a qualified individual or team with a strategic contribution that you would like to bring to the ecosystem, make sure to apply today. Rounding out these new initiatives, the Kin Foundation has also announced a new CTO to lead its efforts in supporting and galvanizing developers— long-time Kin ecosystem contributor and Kin Representative, Will Gikandi. 

Further exemplifying the new slate of opportunities available to Kin developers and users, Kin is now available on FTX and Blockfolio, providing two new liquidity onramps through which users and developers can enter the Kin Economy. 

All of these developments happened in parallel to ongoing progress on the migration to the Solana blockchain. To further support this transition, the Solana Foundation has awarded a grant to the Kin Foundation as a mutually beneficial incentive for acquiring new users. Solana is a close partner of the Kin Ecosystem, and has been working hard to ensure a smooth blockchain upgrade and higher performance for Kin users as a result. A technical roadmap has been released detailing the latest status of this migration and the work required to reach completion.

The Kin Ecosystem has been energized by the recent progress, self-organizing to identify and reach goals together in an independent fashion. In an effort to highlight the activity in the ecosystem, we have launched a new monthly content series called the Kin Developer Report by guest author Chase Barker, Technical Program Director for Kik Interactive, Inc. For more highlights of developer activity within the ecosystem, you can also check out the latest entry in the Built with Kin series: Built with Kin: Rave.

For more information on all of these developments and more, continue reading this month’s newsletter:


  • Kin Catalyst Fund
  • Kin is Now Available on FTX and Blockfolio
  • New Kin Foundation CTO: Will Gikandi
  • Kin Foundation AMA with Alim Khamisa
  • Solana Foundation Awards Grant to Kin Foundation
  • Technical Roadmap Through Migration Completion
  • Kin Developer Report
  • Built with Kin: Rave

Kin Foundation Announces 25B Kin Catalyst Fund

The Kin Foundation has announced a Catalyst Fund of 25 billion Kin to accelerate the expansion of developer and user adoption, new consumer apps, and open source contributions to the Kin Ecosystem.

Learn more at the link:

Kin is Now Available on FTX and Blockfolio

Kin is now available to be purchased and sold on FTX, the regulated Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange. Kin can now also be purchased directly from Blockfolio—the world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. 

Learn more at the link:

Will Gikandi Joins the Kin Foundation as CTO

Will Gikandi has joined the Kin Foundation as CTO to help Kin grow its lead as the most used cryptocurrency by mainstream consumers. 

Learn more about Will and why he joined Kin at the link:

Kin Foundation AMA with Executive Director Alim Khamisa

Dive into our latest Q&A session as Executive Director Alim Khamisa participates in the Kin Foundation Ask Me Anything series to answer questions from the Kin Community. 

Watch the video at the link:

Kin and Solana Foundations Sign Agreement to Support Blockchain Migration

The Solana Foundation has awarded a grant to the Kin Foundation in support of its migration to the Solana blockchain. This grant was designed to create a mutually beneficial incentive to bring new active users to the chain and demonstrate its strong capability in allowing Kin to scale. 

Learn more about the agreement at the link:

Technical Roadmap Through Migration Completion

The Kin Foundation has shared a technical roadmap of the work left to complete the migration to the Solana blockchain. 

Learn more at the link:

Kin Developer Report

This new monthly report will keep you updated on all the latest activities within the Kin Developer Ecosystem — everything from the latest apps to open source projects that you can contribute to.  By highlighting the activity and vibrancy of development in the Kin Ecosystem, we hope that developers will be inspired to contribute to ongoing projects or start up their own.

Learn more at the link:

Built with Kin: Rave

In our latest app spotlight, we showcase how Rave integrated Kin to create new experiences for their users. Rave allows users to consume media across major platforms like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and more, all while chatting with friends and making new ones.

Learn more about how Rave is built with Kin at the link:

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