Kin Newsletter – March 2022

Written by: Kin Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to growing the reach and impact of the Kin Ecosystem.

April 15, 2022

During the month of March, the Kin Ecosystem processed 24,587,314  transactions, averaging 793,139 transactions per day. 

The Kin Ecosystem closed the month of March with roughly 1,236,715 monthly active users and over 88,874,634,862 KIN in active user balance across 18 total apps.

Kin Foundation Publishes Second Annual Transparency Report

The Kin Foundation released its Second Annual Transparency Report! 

This report provides an open and transparent view of the Kin Foundations activities, including the allocation of the Kin Reserves, ecosystem growth overview, catalyst fund grant initiatives, strategic direction, community advocate initiatives and more.

To download your copy of this report, please visit our website: here.

Kin Roadmap Update – April 2022

William Mougayar, Executive Chairman of the Kin Foundation published a roadmap update for 2022, providing a look forward to future activities and priorities.

Kin’s Value Proposition remains unchanged, as we continue the quest to remain one of the easiest and fastest paths for developers to build innovative cryptocurrency-based user experiences inside their apps. 

Read the full roadmap update here

New App Palgo Joins The Kin Ecosystem

We welcomed a new app to the Kin Ecosystem – Palgo

Palgo is a brand-new app that allows anyone to easily digitize and monetize their business, skills, and/or assets. Featuring a user-friendly storefront & social media platform, anyone can easily create listings for their business & start earning right away.

Read the full blog post to learn more and download the mobile app on iOS and Android to start monetizing your business with Kin today!

Introducing The Kin DApp Playground

Kin offers a wide range of mobile and web SDKs for developers to use in creating their applications. As such, it can be a challenge to understand how use-cases can differ between the SDKs and get a firm grasp of the methods available to each.

To support developers to understand which SDKs and developer tools suit their app’s experience, and how to integrate them seamlessly, we released the Kin DApp Playground!

Learn more about how the Kin DApp Playground can help your development needs here

Kin Ecosystem Developer Best Practices

As the Kin Foundation aims to support the growth and sustainability of a thriving Web3 ecosystem, we are consistently working to make the Kin development process as streamlined, easy-to-implement, and efficient as possible.

We put together a list of “Developer Best Practices” to provide yet another resource to help developers on their path to Kin integration. Whether you’re a fully fledged Kin Ecosystem app, or currently working on developing Kin into your app, these best practices are valuable to keep in mind.

Introducing The Kin Python SDK Demo

We released the new Kin Python SDK Demo, a comprehensive demo server, compatible with our DApp Playground, so developers can interact with Kin via our Python SDK. 

The Python demo sits alongside our Node SDK Demo App, and will soon be joined by a demo for Kin’s Go SDK.

Kin Advocates Voices: Nico Suavez & Ben4Trader

We featured Nico Suavez & Ben4Trader in our latest iterations of the Kin Advocate Voices content series!

Nico is a long-standing Kin advocate, NFT connoisseur and community manager at Kreechures.

Ben4Trader is the founder of (formerly KinReviews) and an active contributor to the Kin Ecosystem. 

Thanks for your support and advocacy about Kin!

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