The Kin Rewards Engine

Kin rewards developers for creating awesome experiences that utilize Kin.

Each week Kin rewards developers for driving the ecosystem forward.

KRE Logic

The KRE was designed to reward developers in the Kin Ecosystem for contributing value to the Kin Economy. 

If you’re a developer and want to increase your Kin rewards, the idea is simple:

Distribute as much Kin to active users as possible.

By rewarding Active User Balances, or “AUB”, the biggest token sinks of activity and creators of consumer demand for Kin utility win the biggest rewards. This reward calculation is done on a daily basis and payouts are sent out weekly.

A New Economic Model for a Fair Digital World

The KRE was built to promote a healthy ecosystem that maximizes everyone’s opportunity for participation and recognition.

Unlike current revenue models that monetize users, the KRE puts users at the center and rewards developers for peer-to-peer and in-app engagement.

By focusing on engagement, the KRE provides a new way forward where developers earn revenue by building experiences that maximize engagement between users and content creators who reward each other directly.

The KRE formula is guided by core principles that drive the Ecosystem.


All developers are measured according to the same metrics by the KRE and should follow the valid spend guidelines.


KRE rewards are simply structured and easy to understand so developers can easily predict their expected rewards.

Equal Opportunity

All developers, large and small, can participate and get rewarded by the KRE.


We’ve streamlined the onboarding and payout processes, ensuring developers get their rewards quickly and seamlessly.

Want to benefit from the KRE?

Join the Kin Ecosystem and start enjoying the KRE weekly payouts.

If you’d like to learn more about the KRE, see below:

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