Kin SPL Wallet Update for End-Users

Written by: Kevin Ricoy

Head of Growth at the Kin Foundation

January 9, 2021

List and Status of Supported Wallets for Kin SPL

Have you heard the news? Kin has migrated to the Solana blockchain! That means access to a whole slew of new and exciting applications that support the newest generation of Kin, also known as “Kin SPL”.

What is Kin SPL?

Kin SPL (also sometimes referred to as “Kin4”), is the fourth generation of the Kin cryptocurrency, which resides on the Solana blockchain. As part of the Solana network, Kin not only has the ability to support lightning-fast transactions, but it also gains compatibility with an entire ecosystem of new tools & services. In order to help users navigate the wallet ecosystem, we’ve put together an easy-to-use guide going over all of the currently available options for Kin SPL wallets for you to store your hard-earned Kin, as well as some important information on how to use them.

NOTE: This is part of an on-going update, this list represents a current snapshot for Kin SPL wallet support.

Kin SPL Wallet Status Updates

There are a variety of choices for wallets that support Kin SPL. We encourage you to research and explore them to figure out what is best for you. If you run into specific issues while trying to use the wallets, we recommend reviewing the F.A.Q. at the bottom of this post. In most cases, we also encourage you to reach out to each wallet support team as they will most likely be able to provide better assistance for general-purpose wallet-related usage.

    Status: MyKinWallet has implemented Kin SPL. To use MyKinWallet, visit and either connect your Ledger (instructions below), or input your private keys. From there you will be able to access your Kin SPL funds and information.
  • Ledger Nano
    Status: Ledger has implemented Kin SPL. A new application is available on Ledger Live to allow you to access Kin. If you need help navigating the installation and transaction process, make sure to follow this handy guide.
  • Blocto
    Status: Blocto has implemented Kin SPL. To use Blocto, follow the instructions in this blog post.
  • Solflare
    Status: Solflare has implemented Kin SPL. To use Solflare, visit and safely store your keystore file. Once you have accessed your new wallet, click on the “Tokens” tab, and then “Create Token Account”. From there, you can choose Kin and enter your password to create a new Kin token account.
  • Math Wallet
    Status: Math Wallet has implemented Kin SPL, with ongoing improvements also being made. Simply download and install the app, create a Solana wallet, and then add KIN as an asset (if you don’t see it in the token list, use search).
  • Sollet
    Status: Sollet has implemented Kin SPL, with ongoing improvements also being made. Simply create or restore a Solana wallet, and click on the “+” to add a new token. Note: if you don’t see Kin in the token list, you can add it yourself via the “Manual Input” category, in which you will be prompted to enter some information about Kin 
    Token Mint Address: kinXdEcpDQeHPEuQnqmUgtYykqKGVFq6CeVX5iAHJq6
    Token Name: Kin
    Token Symbol: KIN
  • Coin98
    Status: Coin98 has implemented Kin SPL, with ongoing improvements also being made. To use Coin98 with Kin SPL, download the app, create a Solana wallet, tap “receive”, and search for Kin. From there, tap the “+” next to “Kin SPL” to create a new Kin wallet. For more details on how to create a Coin98 wallet with Kin, you can review their official guide here.
  • Solong
    Status: Solong has implemented Kin SPL. To use Solong, install the extension in your web browser. From there, create or import a Solana wallet, click on the menu button (three lines) in the top right of the app, above the SOL balance, and then click on “Add Token”. From there, simply find Kin and add (“+”) Kin to create your Token Account.
  • Bonfida
    Status: Bonfida has implemented Kin SPL. To use Bonfida, visit the web app and create or import a wallet. From there, click “Add Token” and select Kin from the list of tokens to add.
  • Trust Wallet
    Status: Trust Wallet has implemented Kin SPL. Users that held their funds on this wallet for the migration process can follow this guide in order to access their Kin immediately.
  • Atomic Wallet
    Status: Atomic is still in the process of implementing Kin SPL. If your Kin3 is on this service (addresses starting with a G), your Kin will automatically be accessible as Kin SPL once they have finished updating their integration of Kin. If your Kin1 (addresses starting with 0x) is on this service, new tools will become available in the near future to allow you to migrate to Kin SPL at your convenience (see FAQ below to follow updates).
  • Exodus
    Status: We are in touch with the Exodus team and hope to see them add support for Kin SPL in the future.

Wallet Compatibility Guide

Use the chart below to navigate the different options available to you depending on the type of Kin you hold. Note that as Kin2 and Kin3 have moved toward the newest generation of Kin (SPL), they are no longer supported. If you are still on Kin1 (ERC20/Ethereum) we encourage you to migrate to Kin SPL as soon as the swap becomes available, in order to enjoy full functionality within the Kin Ecosystem. For more information on ERC20 migration, please refer to the F.A.Q. at the bottom of this post.

Because the Kin2 and Kin3 blockchains are being shut down and migrated to Solana, they will no longer be supported. Here’s what the compatibility table looks like without Kin2 and Kin3 included:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My wallet is failing to create a Kin Token Account, what do I do?
    If you are running into this issue, you might require some SOL to pay for the creation of your account and the ensuing transaction. A small fraction of 1 SOL is enough to cover these fees. For guidance on how to bypass these fees, you can also review the answer to the next question.
  2. What about transaction and rent fees? Will they be subsidized?
    Several wallet services have indicated their intended support for Agora, which will allow fees to be paid for on behalf of the user. That said, if you don’t want to stand by until they do so, you do not have to wait in order to start storing and transacting Kin today. Simply load your wallet with just a fraction of SOL (0.00204928 is enough, equivalent to about $.006 cents at time of writing) to create your account and enough to cover gas fees (only .00001 SOL per transaction), and start using Kin! If you need a little bit of SOL to get started, you can use the faucet at to receive a one-time airdrop to your address.
  3. What about ERC20 holders on Ethereum? How can they migrate to Solana and use the new Kin SPL wallets?
    If you are holding ERC20 Kin (Ethereum), you can follow the steps outlined in this guide to convert your tokens. Note that this is a time-limited program. We urge all ERC-20 holders to perform this swap as soon as possible.
  4. How can I stay up to date on developments regarding migration and wallets?
    Make sure to follow @Kin_Ecosystem on Twitter for ongoing migration updates, and if you aren’t already on our newsletter email list, consider subscribing by entering your email at the bottom of