kiNFT — A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Kin Enabled NFT Store in 30 Minutes

Written by: Jesse Cecchetto

Marketing Communications Lead at the Kin Foundation.

November 30, 2021

The Fastest Path to Starting Your NFT Collection With Metaplex

The Kin Foundation is unveiling an intuitive step-by-step guide for launching your very own NFT storefront with Metaplex, allowing you to create and sell your creative artwork for KIN, or other compatible SPL tokens. 

This tutorial is for the less tech-savvy aspiring NFT creators — especially in the Kin community — who are looking for a simple but fully explained solution to setting up minting, and launching an NFT store.

With this comprehensive guide and your newly created art, you’ll be able to set up your NFT storefront with Metaplex and begin selling your collection in a matter of minutes.

NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) have become an increasingly popular branch of the emerging Web3 ecosystem, along with the Kin Ecosystem itself. The Kin Foundation is dedicated to supporting our ecosystem developers, as well as all artists in the NFT space by providing the tools they need for success.

Jump into our Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Kin Enabled NFT Store to get started and begin your journey in the Solana NFT ecosystem. 

Continue reading below for a brief introduction to Solana NFTs and the “why” behind this guide.

A Blank Canvas

Let’s paint a mental picture of what countless artists & creators with an awesome NFT (non-fungible-token) idea go through in this early budding Solana NFT space on a daily basis:

You’re a new found lover of NFTs, starting to collect some for yourself and have an amazing idea for a collection of your own with a fresh concept and are eager to start making a name for yourself, but there looms one major problem. You have no coding or blockchain development experience, just figured out what “minting” an NFT actually means, and are lost in an endless sea of scattered piece-meal developer documents & confusing verbiage.

Luckily, you’ve finally landed in the right place to learn one of the easiest, and fastest paths for starting your NFT collection on Solana. Before we begin, let’s give a quick background on Solana & Metaplex.

What is Solana? What is Metaplex – & Why?

First things first, why are we creating an NFT collection on Solana vs other NFT enabled blockchains to begin with? Creating an NFT on Solana incurs next-to-no gas fees, offering low overhead for starting and maintaining your collection, while Metaplex offers total freedom & customization options for independent artists to manage a project without blockchain expertise.


Solana, SOL, is a blockchain platform that uses Proof of Stake and Proof of History as its consensus mechanisms. It’s ranked as one of the fastest blockchains in the cryptoverse, handling roughly 50,000 transactions per second.


Metaplex blends an NFT store front, a generative NFT minting machine, a collection of smart contracts, and a set of helper functions that make minting and selling NFTs cost effective and easy.

Let’s Get Building!

Now that you know how & why to build your NFT collection on Solana with Metaplex, it’s time to take your idea to the blockchain and get minting!

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