Messari Ranks Kin as the Top-Performing Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency

Messari Ranks Kin Top-Performing Cryptocurrency

Written by: Kevin Ricoy

Head of Growth at the Kin Foundation

January 15, 2021

Leading Performance Validates Kin Resurgence 

This week, Messari published its 2020 Sector Performance Report, analyzing a number of top projects across key blockchain industry sectors, including Web 3.0, or “Web3”. In this report, Kin is ranked as the top-performing cryptocurrency in the sector, due to a number of factors.

Kin and Web 3.0 – Building a Better Internet

Web 3.0 is a concept that refers to the next evolution of the internet. If Web 1.0 was centered around static web pages, and Web 2.0 elevated interactive social experiences driven by mobile, social, and cloud networks, then you can think of Web 3.0 as the move toward more open and decentralized systems, where the users who contribute to networks on the internet are also able to share in the benefits of that value creation.

Web3 platforms open the door to a universe of new digitally native assets…Web3 is rebuilding the infrastructure of the internet across both hardware and software platforms.

Messari 2020 Sector Report

At the Kin Foundation, we believe in this vision. Kin is a cryptocurrency that was created to solve the problem of developer monetization. Every day, billions of people meet online via their favorite consumer applications and services, and yet most of the value created in this digital world is amassed by a few powerful entities at the top of the heap, at little-to-no benefit to the users who helped create that value. In fact, the user is often exploited and harvested for valuable data, attention, and time – and the user experience suffers for it.

Kin Ecosystem developers integrate and drive the adoption of Kin in their application, and are paid weekly based on their economic activity. Currently, this monetization model, referred to as the Kin Rewards Engine, rewards developers based on distributing as much Kin coin to as many active users as possible, incentivizing growth of the network, and aligning developers and users around the increased utility of Kin. That means that developers are encouraged to reward users for their time and effort, more equitably distributing the value created on the network.

All around the world, this vision has been resonating – a strong affirmation that has been underlined by Messari’s findings in their 2020 analysis:

Top Performer: KIN ($KIN, +1,857%) is a group of applications that use the KIN token as their medium of exchange. Kin reportedly has a large user base, and previous on-chain analyses have substantiated these reports….

Messari 2020 Sector Report

A rise in the Kin token price is not only a good indication of increased market demand but also indicates an endorsement in Kin’s potential to disrupt app monetization. To read more cryptocurrency news and learn more about Web3 performance in the industry, you can review Messari’s full 2020 Sector Report.

We believe that developers, users, and their communities should be working together to build a more fair digital world, where those who create value share in the success of the network. That is what we are doing with Kin – we invite you to join us.

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