MyKinWallet – More Info

Important: Please read the following instructions before sending KIN with MyKinWallet.

Intended Use-Cases for MyKinWallet – Must Read

1. MyKinWallet is a tool to help you migrate KIN to another wallet.

2. MyKinWallet should not be used as a main wallet.

3. Only use MyKinWallet to send KIN to a wallet that supports the KIN SPL token on Solana.

4. Do not use MyKinWallet to send funds to exchanges, as it will likely cause issues. Instead, you can use MyKinWallet to send KIN to your main wallet (that supports the Kin SPL token), then continue to send to exchanges.

5. MyKinWallet is only designed to transact with KIN, not SOL.

If you have questions and/or require additional support, please join the Kin Cryptocurrency Discord.

Disclaimer: MyKinWallet uses a custom derivation path introduced to enable Solana migration from Stellar. With migration completed, The Kin Foundation will deprecate this path, ending support on December 31st 2022. Learn more here.