New App: Eviota Joins The Kin Ecosystem

Written by: Jesse Cecchetto

Marketing Communications Lead at the Kin Foundation.

August 31, 2022

Language Tutoring Platform Powered by Kin

An exciting new language learning platform with paid-to-learn implementation has joined the Kin Ecosystem – welcome Eviota

Eviota is a Web3 language learning platform that offers advantages over traditional language tutoring platforms, such as instant online bookings, and various in-app opportunities to be rewarded with Kin. Eviota aims to make Web3 learning fun, engaging, and empowering for all parties involved. 

Kin users will soon be able to enroll in online language tutoring classes or sign-up as a teacher while being an early adopter of a new innovative way of tutoring that’s powered by the best cryptocurrency-based business model. 

How It Works

Sign up and browse through the various online language teachers and pay the teacher directly with Kin to instantly begin your first video tutoring session right away– easy as pie! Students are rewarded with Kin for in-app actions such as studying flashcards, taking lessons and leaving reviews.

Teachers are incentivised to use Eviota as opposed to traditional platforms by being rewarded for the valuable contribution they bring to the platform, keeping 100% of the payments from students, with zero fees taken by Eviota.

Eviota will be initially offering Spanish lessons upon launch, but will look to expand the language offerings along with the growth of the platform.

Whether you’re a teacher or a student, sign-up for the Eviota beta access waitlist now to be  eligible for free rewards upon launch. Eviota is currently scheduled to launch in open beta in September 2022. 

Make sure to also follow Eviota on Twitter, stay up to date with all their future developments, and join them in making Web3 language learning fun and rewarding for all!

About Kin

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