New Python, GO, iOS Kin SDK Tutorials

Written by: Will Gikandi

Developer at the Kin Foundation

May 31, 2021

As we ramp up towards the Solana Season Hackathon, we are pleased to announce more tutorials released on Kintegrate.

Community developer (XingYi) has contributed a Python Tutorial, Python Starter Kit, Go Tutorial, and a Go Starter Kit. Richie, a new contributor, also added an iOS Tutorial and iOS Starter Kit.

These contributions help Kintegrate’s goal of getting developers working with Kin in 30 minutes or less. Together, we are creating a strong foundation to push Kin to the next level of adoption by making it extremely easy to integrate.

There is also a new section introducing developers to Kin. Kintegrate is open source and started and maintained by community developers. We welcome all contributions, big and small. Please see this guide on how to contribute.

Watch out for more additions in the future, including tutorials on upcoming SDKs!

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