Technical Roadmap Update & Release Dates

Written by: Kin Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to growing the reach and impact of the Kin Ecosystem.

May 25, 2021

Kin SDKs, MyKinWallet, and Agora Updates Near Completion

Kik Engineering is currently contributing a number of updates to the Kin SDKs and related tools, as outlined in the Tech Roadmap to Migration Completion.

Those updates have already begun shipping, with more on the way, according to the dates below: 

  • SDKS
    • Includes Sender Create, merging of accounts, creation attribution
    • Release Targets:
      • Server SDK: May 18 (Shipped ✔️)
      • Android SDK: May 21 (Shipped ✔️)
      • iOS SDK: June 4
  • MyKinWallet integration (w/ support for Solana account addresses):
    • Target Date: May 21 (Shipped ✔️)
  • Zero Balance Account Collection
    • Aim to collect unused / zero balance accounts
    • Target ‘collection’ date: May 28
  • Final Kin 2 Accounts Migration
    • Target completion date: June 4

While the Kin developer toolset is already open-source, with the codebase forkable and contributable by any participant, direct commit access and ownership of the code repositories themselves have historically belonged to the Kik Engineering team. In the near future, this ownership will be transferred to the Kin Foundation, in accordance with its non-profit and developer support-oriented mission. The Kin Foundation, in collaboration with the greater Kin Community, will now maintain and evolve the developer toolset in an even more decentralized manner. 

Expected dates for ownership transfer of Kin repositories can be found below:

  • Mobile SDK Handover
    • Target date: May 26
  • Agora Handover
    • Target date: June 11