Tegger Launches with KIN – Enabling Earn While Browsing

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January 24, 2022

Lets Users Take Back Control of Their Data With Tegger

The official launch of Kin on Tegger.io is here! 

Tegger is a web-based service that allows users to earn the Kin cryptocurrency while browsing sites or completing surveys within its partner network. Users can spend the token on useful items within its marketplace while getting discounts and coupons from Uber, Uber Eats, Cabify, Wish, AT&T, Movistar, Virgin Mobile, Skut, Cabify, The Fork, Didi Food, VBike, Pirvalia, and several other popular partner sites. In essence, Tegger allows users to “control what data they share, and get rewarded for it”.  

Tegger has moved to Kin from the Props Network, underpinning a predominantly Mexican and Colombian demographic, yet another proof point for Kin adoption in diverse international markets. 

Get Rewarded For Your Browsing Data

This synergy between Kin and Tegger boasts a clear-cut harmony of key values, emphasizing the importance of users’ personal data, and rewarding them for the value they contribute to the platform.

In the long run Tegger aims to become the world’s first Decentralized Data Market where users have complete control over their digital footprint and are able to participate fairly in the value it creates.

To start earning KIN with Tegger, simply log-in or sign-up to the Tegger widget (or alternatively, on any one of their partner sites), and instantly see the KIN you earn for browsing.

Redeem KIN in the Tegger Marketplace

You can trade your KIN (or withdraw to an external wallet) at any time in the Tegger marketplace for a wide variety of discounts & digital coupons across popular food delivery, entertainment, technology, transportation & finance services.

Please join us in welcoming Tegger to the Kin Ecosystem!

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